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Should you choose Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting?

Hello everyone,

My name is vishal shetty & I am gonna tell you the exact criteria to choose best linux hosting for your use.

First of all everything you want to know is the exact difference between Linux Web Hosting & Windows Web Hosting.

Plesk panel - spiderhost

Cpanel - Spiderhost

  • Linux Web Hosting is best & widely used web hosting worldwide while windows hosting is used less as compared to windows web hosting.
  • Linux Web Hosting consist of CPanel as an interface while Windows Web Hosting consist of an Plesk as an interface.
  • Both Control Panels comes with 1000's of free scripts useful for your web activities.Even you can install wordpress or any other script on both panels.
  • If you web language is PHP then you can use LInux Web Hosting whereas if you are using ASP then it will not work in CPanel.. If you are using ASP then best option goes here is Windows Hosting which also supports ASP & PHP.
  • Both control panel supports MYSQL database.
  • Normally PHP users use CPanel while ASP uses Plesk.
Regardless of this there is nothing difference between linux hosting & windows hosting.

Hope you got all the necessary clarifications.
please keep on visiting this blog for more details.

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